Down duvets and down pillows produced by GERMANIA BETTWAREN - since 1947 - in the north of Germany.

Down duvets have a centuries-long tradition in cold northern regions and we are continuing this tradition whilst also implementing the most modern processing technology. We also remain loyal to our company's down pickers in eastern Europe, who - still to this day - collect down and feathers from sustainably run farms located in small, nature-friendly villages, primarily in Siberia, Poland and Ukraine.

Germania Bettwaren is one of the few remaining German down duvet manufacturers that continues to completely dispense with China import down qualities:
feather washing, sterilization and sorting, then the filling into the carefully sewn cambric covers takes place in Kettenkamp/Germany ( since 1947)

We are also highly committed to mattress production at the Kettenkamp facility: "genuine German workmanship" continues to take place in our fully integrated production processes in Germany. This is all in accordance with our quality notion of "value" and sustainability. 3 in-house quilting lines and 2 outline cutting systems supply our fully automated adhesion section with high quality components for our mattress production for baby mattresses, adult and hotel mattresses

The high demand for our products is a natural consequence of their excellent quality and the ongoing integration of the latest findings from sleep labs in our materials and processes. In selecting raw materials we are guided exclusively by the criterion of quality, and the processing continues to take place in Germany. The high standards we impose on our sleep systems have led to continuous growth, as well as to our company's outstanding reputation

A factory visit: the Germania team and German President Christian Wulff: