HOTEL- & OBJECT Down Duvet Premium WILD DUCK - limited inflammable -

GERMANIA is the wellknownOBJECT equipment supplier since 1947 for: HOTEL OBJECTS YACHTS NURSING

Comfort Duvet - down-bed - All-Season - "Siberian Wild Duck down" - fully washable and dryerproof equipped
Filled with Siberian WILD DUCK down and feathers, 70% down and 30% feathers, large flocculent natural dune from the cold zone of Siberia.
The fabric is specially made for the object area: flame resistant (sick, endangered, smokers, etc ...) and extremely resilient.
NOMITE certified: suitable for house dust allergy sufferers
DAUNAFRESH GREENLINE certified: 100% natural filling.
Made of the finest MACO fabric 100% cotton with piping -
Daunasan® certified: guarantees maximum hygiene
PS: also flame-retardant head pillows available as well as object mattresses; Also all mattresses custom-made