Down Duvet "SILK + Down" 100% down ATELIER PREMIUM LUXUS WARM Farmer Down 100%

The HIGH-END from VitaSchlaf® with the down of the Siberian Snowgeese - all components in the royal class of the luxe studio quality. Sleep comfort De Luxe for connoisseurs.
Filled with 100% down SIBERIAN SNOWGOOSE: white Siberian snow down, 100% down, class 1. EN12934.
The Siberian winter cold allows for the largest goose grown approaching - cold maturity & natural health.
Cover made of the finest silk with cotton (51/49%) with elaborate inner-tapes processing (closed down chambers).
Heating stage 4 = warm
NOMITE certified: suitable for house dust allergy sufferers
DAUNAFRESH certified: 100% natural filling
DOWNPASS certified