Animal welfare, sustainability and corporate social responsibility

Sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) have become integral elements of Germania Bettwaren corporate governance. These elements also include social, economic and ecological aspects of corporate activity and therefore secure strategic success for the company.
Social aspects: Germania does not employ any contract workers and, for almost 70 years now, has provided good jobs and security to persons living in the environment of the village where it is located.

Ecological aspects:

Germania sees itself as a recycling company for goose and duck farming. We produce near-natural bedding from the rest of the meat production - almost without any addition of synthetic substances.

Sustainable & future-proof

The integration of sustainability and corporate social responsibility into our core business process is crucial to ensure the future of our company.

Highest respect for animal welfare, 100% quality, 100% made in Germany.

The resulting sewage effluents are perfectly cleaned with an in-house multi-stage fully biological sewage treatment plant

GERMANIA BEDDING - a company with responsibility